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  • epoxy floor coating

    Use Epoxy as the Finishing Touch on Your Floor

    May 15, 19 • 1651 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    Personality and style can be injected into a space while maintaining its functionality and hardiness. When you decorate with epoxy, you can start from the ground up by first tackling your floors. Conversely, you can match your customized epoxy design to your...

  • handle water damage

    How to Handle Water Damage Clean-Up in Your Home

    May 10, 19 • 1626 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    When your home is your pride and joy, not to mention probably your most significant investment, it’s devastating when an area of the property is damaged. Unfortunately, water issues are a common problem many people face each year, whether from burst or...

  • golf course green lawn

    How to Get That Golf Course – Green Lawn

    May 3, 19 • 1089 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    Your lawn might be green, but is it as thick and luscious as the grass growing on a golf course? Golf course grass is immaculately maintained by professionals — but that doesn’t mean you can’t get that bright, healthy green in your own lawn. Here are a...

  • lawn care

    A Lawn Care Calendar Specifically for the South

    Mar 13, 19 • 1340 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    Homeowners like you often turn to the web to answer their pressing home ownership questions like “How often do I change the HVAC air filters?” and “What ingredients are in natural kitchen cleaners?” Homeowners around the world have questions and...

  • property damage by pet

    Common Forms of Damage Caused by Renters

    Jan 16, 19 • 1884 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    As any seasoned landlord can attest, every property owner will deal with problematic tenets at some point. Undesirable tenets come in many different forms: noise-makers, people who are always late with rent and fearless individuals who willfully break safety...

  • turbotenant rental applications

    How to Make Your Property Appealing

    Dec 1, 18 • 2500 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    As a rental property owner, one of the worst things you can have is frequent vacancies. That’s basically a boat with a hole in it. One of the best things you can do to combat this is ensuring that your property is attractive to as many socioeconomic groups...

  • carpenter ants

    Carpenter Ants – Pests That Cause Structural Weakness in Buildings

    Oct 13, 18 • 2297 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    A carpenter ant is not a friendly face you can call to help you create a new piece of furniture; although they do like working with wood. You may be surprised to know that they do not actually eat wood. Instead a carpenter ant will chew wood in order to...

  • damaged window treatment

    Remodeling Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

    Sep 27, 18 • 2142 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    Starting a new remodeling project is always exciting. You have complete freedom over the kind of remodeling you want to do around the house. The process of finding ideas and actually planning the remodeling project is equally as thrilling. However, you...

  • redlink homes - perth

    How to Choose the Right Package for your Future Home

    Dec 21, 16 • 11837 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    The first home is something special for any couple, and many years ago, you would take what you could get, and try to work your way up the property ladder, until you got something nice. Yet modern builders have really made a difference to the term “buying a...

  • billyoh garden shed

    The Shed – Still a Man’s Sanctuary

    Sep 17, 14 • 8842 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    The increase of community ‘men’s sheds’ has, for many, saved a lot of men from life shortening isolation. Derived from Australia, these groups are especially attended by men that have retired and are seeking a sense of purpose after losing their jobs,...