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A House That Floats In Air

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Londrina is one of the most happening places in Brazil. The tourism and night life in this place is as vibrant as its infrastructure and architecture. People from different parts of the world choose this lively city to be their permanent home. If you also want to enjoy the different architectural delights of this dynamic city, then just have a look at SN house by Studio Guilherme Torres.

As the architect says, this construction is perfect for the vacation of a large family. The entire building seems to be floating in the air and this is because of the volume and the large areas without pillars. And the mastermind behind this truly inspired architecture is Guilherme Torres. Because of the unevenness of the ground for nearly 3 meters, it came as an idea of a house with a cantilever main floor for reserving extra space as a leisure area on the lower level. Torres in his posting has said, “I’ve docked the house on the slope. By doing that, I’ve released the space underneath it to the garden, the pool and the living rooms”.

What Makes It Truly Inspired?

The architect managed to succeed over the irregular relief on the ground by creating a monumental block of pre-stressed concrete encompassing cables of high strength steel driven and trapped inside the slab itself. This entire thing facilitated the span of 17.5 meters long besides 4.5 meters cantilever volume beyond the wall which smudges borders of the leisure area. As you see, you will understand that the construction is pure, straight, simple and is entirely suspended, that too, without pillars.

Wood and stone coatings reveal their power to warm the look along with contrasting with the white masonry and without breaking the contemporary twist of the construction. Because of their natural feel, a sense of rusticity and comfort is carried all over the structure. Another right solution provided by the architect was the independent functioning between the two storeys. Usually, the family spends most of the time on the first floor doing their daily jobs. This floor is distributed into bedrooms, one kitchen, a dining and a living room, all of which are accessed by the garage on the upper hall and the side ramp.

Enjoying Weekends

However, on weekends, family members enjoy to receive other people on the voluminous and comfortable leisure area that contains a pool, barbecue gourmet, garden and two lavish lounges. Talking of the overall project, local labor and simple materials have been used in large volumes that keep it simple yet sophisticated. However, the volume of the house is defined by the decorative stone, white masonry and the exposed concrete. Apart from this, the house uses rainwater capture for reuse and solar heating system for showers, faucets and pool, thus making it an eco-friendly construction.

Architect : Guilherme Torres
Photography : Denilson Machado

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