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Balmain House – An Inspired Architectural Souvenir by Carter Williamson

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Good architecture is not just about construction of ideas, but is a fine way to make life even better. Where it allows people to enjoy a lot of creativity around, it also allows them to feel secure and safe, at the same time. You also might have some plans for your dream home. Right!!! But this can be made possible only with an architect, who specializes in design, who can take care about your needs and can turn your dream home into reality. Well in that case, we have brought to you a wonderful architectural design located in Australia that is undoubtedly going to catch your attention.

Balmain House, Sydney, Australia

The owner of Balmain House was willing to renovate their old home that was Victorian dark and was periodically depressing and quite restricted. The old house was a kind of timber cottage built in 1860s’ that was a little changed before the owner actually moved and was more like a heritage item in the neighborhood. Designer Carter Williamson’s main idea was to bring in more of light and positivity inside the house and in the lives of people living there.

Carter planned the entire design very incisively allowing the new construction to touch the old one through the front door and the gothic like courtyard. Glass used in the front is a wonderful addition that allows enough of sunlight inside and maintains a transparency with the green exteriors. Kitchen, living and the dining area are embraced within the square ground floor and follow a beautiful open plan. The idea of leaving some open space above the dining area allows natural light from the large voids in the front of house and a light source above the dining table complements the entire aura.

Bedroom, study and library have been wonderfully organized on the first floor leaving enough space in all the rooms. The use of white in the bedroom accompanied with wooden flooring gives it a spacious and very cozy feel. Addition of the stylish carved wooden structure in red along the staircase subtracts that boring impression while stepping to the first floor and creates a flamboyant kind of corridor. A slight passage in the exterior along the construction on the right side connects the front with the backyard making this entire architecture truly commendable.

Carter Williamson

Carter Williamson is a Sydney based architect who specializes in designing retail, commercial and industrial buildings. As the principal of ‘CarterWilliamson’ and director of ‘The Superstudio’, this eminent architect has spent almost twelve years working with a specialized architectural practice in Ecological Sustainable Design and is now into private practice since 2001. His idea of planning Balmain House was a clear challenge and opportunely, he succeeded in turning the dreams of the owner into reality. Today, Balmain House has become a popular prototype for the upcoming designers in this sector and this is Carter Williamson’s creative insight that has made him so prominent.

Visit the Carter Williamson website – here.
Photography by Brett Boardman

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