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Bourke House – A Campsite Residential Design

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Camping is always fun, but have you ever experienced a night out at a residence which is full of campsite feel. Well, if not, then check out this new addition in this section and find out how a residential design can be transformed into a campsite. This time we have brought to you a wonderful blend of contemporary and elegant designing, where you can enjoy serenity and experience the fun of spending your summer holidays.

Bourke House, New Zealand

Bourke House in the hills above Buckleton Bay, Matakana in New Zealand is a wonderful architectural design which reflects a unique blend of contemporary and refined taste. The entire residential design has been inspired by the essence of long summer holidays, connections, activities, collections, stories and much more. Designer had an advantage of the rural coastal environment and spectacular views, as the house is positioned on a prominent peninsular that complements the overall backdrop. The idea of architect was to maximize the sea views and to create spaces that could sustainably fulfill the new lifestyle needs.

As you have a glance at the house, you will find that pavilions are linked wonderfully forming a protective support for the central space. The campsite heart offers a fine gathering space where residents can experience comfort, protection and connection with the land. Main pavilion that joins the adjacent sleeping pavilion is a fantastic way for the family members to relax and enjoy their weekends. The rooftops also gently lift in flight, thus giving the house a more of a campsite look. The best part is the sliding doors, which enhance the space and leave a voluminous impression.

Just like a campsite, the house has been slightly raised with construction being placed on a stony platform. The use of red in the interiors, as well as exteriors creates a wonderful flow of color among the green environment, turquoise sea water and inside white tones. The glass employed in major portion of the house maintains a transparency with the surroundings and also allows a lot of natural liht top brighten up the interiors. There is enough of space for the residents to enjoy calmness and serenity. In addition to this, the house design also includes solar hot water and rainwater recycling like eco friendly options.

Pacific Environments Architects

Bourke House project is one of the most interesting projects by Pacific Environments Architects. These designers are well known for their 3D solutions and creative ideas that are aimed at bringing the best. The exciting projects delivered by Pacific Environments Architects fulfill the dreams and expectations of the clients, which can be clearly observed in their residential project, Bourke House.

Architects : Peter Eising & Lucy Gauntlett of Pacific Environments
Photographer : Lucy Gauntlett

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