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Dutchess County Residence – Reflection of Absolute Silence and Serenity

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Usually, office schedules in the weekdays are so hectic that people do not get enough time to sit and relax with their family. And mostly the weekends are spent comforting in the backyard, grilling chicken sausages or watching movie. To spend some time away from this strident lifestyle, we wish to enjoy some time in a tranquilized environment. Well, if you are among those who love to have a calm surrounding, then have a look at this architectural delight in the middle of deciduous oak forest. This private residence will remind you of your old days, when you used to soak up yourself in the sun along with enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.

Dutchess County Residence

Dutchess County residence is actually a guest house covering 350 acres, nuzzled within a deciduous forest of birch, oak and hickory. Being sited on the eastern slopes of Hudson River valley, the backdrop is rich green, open and covered with dense hardwood forest. The overall structural plan designed by Allied Works Architecture reflects absolute silence and serenity, where one can lighten up the body along with enjoying soft whispers of Mother Nature. American Institute of Architect has not only recognized this architectural delight, but has also admired the residential design with a 2009 Honor Award.

For a closer view, we will start with the house exterior that involves panels of glass and wood which slip between, through and over the frame and look like an incessant row of eight inch steel. The design comprises a patio and two bedrooms that open to different forest views, thus maintaining an association with the landscape. Glass has been beautifully used to cover the window frames allowing a lot of natural light to brighten up every corner in the house. This also helps to maintain a transparency with the environment and bring in a lot of green inside.

More of wood has been brought into play so as to reveal a very innate look, thus offering a comfortable aura indoors. The rooms have been embroidered with many white and off white shades which facilitates the interiors to blend with outside green. The wooden flooring gives a cozy feel and makes the internal backdrop very pleasant, especially when in winters the trees and grass is covered with snow.

Allied Works Architecture

Allied Works Architecture has been endowing clients with fabulous project work and constructions, since 1994. The company gained popularity after the completion of their first major free standing public building, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis in 2003. Integrity of their design, detailing and lot of creative ideas make them distinctive in this sector. The sole idea behind designing Dutchess county residence was to create a serene residential plan where the boundaries between Mother Nature and the house could be blurred. And they successfully came out with this award winning design.

Architect : Allied Works Architecture
Scope – Programming, Site Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Consultant Coordination, Artist Coordination, Materials Research, Construction Documents and Administration
Project Team –Brad Cloepfil, Kyle Lommen, John Clappi
Project Collaborators – Micheal van Valkenburgh Associates

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