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Easy ways to make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood

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If you are a homeowner then you probably already know this, but an awesome garden is one of the best ways to make your house look good, to add value to it and to turn it into a place where people want to visit and to be entertained. No matter how incredible the inside of a house maybe, if it is set amidst a tatty garden that looks more like a dessert than an oasis, then your home will never be all that it can be. But how do you make your garden great? Many people think that the secret is hours of hard work and toil. But this really doesn’t need to be the case. Here are a few simple ways to make it look good without committing to spending all your time raking and mowing.

Grass is good

A well-maintained lawn should be the centrepiece of any garden. The lawn area doesn’t need to be overly large, but it should be there. It is a spot for picnics or playing games with the children. Or to place a quite chair where you can soak up the sun and read a book. If you are lacking in the lawn department it is a really easy situation to remedy – a quick online search for something like ‘turf laying Sydney’ should be good enough to find suppliers of lawn and lawn installation services. Engage with them and let them do the rest. Thereafter it is simply a case of regular fertilizer and mowing (something that a garden service can easily do for you), and you have already established the centre of your little piece of paradise.


Plant abundantly

Do not be afraid of planting too much. The more you plant the more the plants will compete with each other for space and light. And yes, some plants may die or be crowded out. But that is fine. If you plant sparsely there will still be casualties along the way. And then all you will have is a garden with big empty patches. Rather plant plenty, water well and hope that the bulk of the plants that you have put in making it. If you want your garden to be lush and prosperous, as a controlled jungle, then you need plenty of plants – it is not a jungle if there are only a few shrubs scattered around.

Plant local

Don’t make the mistake of trying to recreate an English country garden if you live in Australia. One of the keys to a successful and thriving garden is to plant indigenous plants. They are designed for and adapted to the local conditions and it should go without saying that they are the best suited to survive in the conditions. So, do a little bit of research to see what plants are found naturally in your area and then plant accordingly. There may be certain alien plants that will thrive in your climate too, but steer away from these – they have the potential to do more harm than good.

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