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Garden House – An Implausible Transformation of 80’s House

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If you invest into a real estate property, you always aim at purchasing a house that can be molded as per your needs, but what if you are not so lucky? A Brazilian homeowner paid for a house that was built in around 1980’s and required an absolute remodeling. To make his dreams come true, he signed up one of the well known architects, David Guerra from Brazil and consulted him about remodeling his 80’s house. Homeowner is actually the director of a company with its head office based in London and his main idea was to transform the 80’s house into a lavish residence.

Garden House

Designing Garden House was a big challenge for David Guerra, as homeowner wanted to make the interior – exterior integration look bigger, thus including the garden in day to day activities of the house. Another idea was to brighten up all the rooms that were quite dark and depressing. In addition to this, director anted the house to be a contemporary dwelling that could match the lifestyle of the residents. Therefore, it was decided to have a complete house makeover along with some addition of new spaces. And, seriously the reconstruction was really huge and time consuming.

Reconstruction was not just about destroying walls or transforming windows and doors, but it also included integrating spaces, attach protection covering, substitute products, new electric, hydraulic, illuminations, gourmet kitchen, sauna, pool, deck and lots more. The interiors have been given a wonderful feel with wood, ceramic Brennand and granite in the structures which actually complement the outside green in the garden. David decided to make use of neutral and raw tones to sprinkle a cozy feeling in the inner ambience and employed a combination of styles including classic, contemporary and ethnic.

As you look intently, you will find openness in the structure which creates a perfect atmosphere for the residents to entertain the guests. The use of white tone in most of the rooms including kitchen enhances the voluminous feel and make the space look brighter. The open seating areas near the pool are also a fantastic way for the family to enjoy their evenings and weekends. Kitchen, bathroom, dining and other service areas have been embellished using white tiles, which again reflect light and brighten up the space. The old bar and pantry have been integrated into a TV room with transparent walls, while closets were converted into huge wardrobes.

David Guerra

David Guerra is a Brazilian architect who took over this remodeling project in Brazil and transformed it into a contemporary and luxurious Garden House. Though the job was quite challenging for David because of the old design, but he has managed to add a contemporary look to every space and every corner, thus making it compatible with the new lifestyles.

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Photography by Jomar Bragança

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