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Herzelia Pituah House – Israel Based Modern Structural Design

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Herzelia Pituah House in Israel is a beautiful architectural delight designed by Pitsou Kedem and Tanju Ozelgin. This is a contemporary yet minimalistic building that reveals a dramatic atmosphere and wide open spaces in a beautiful manner. The structure was built as a vacation home for the residents, who were actually residing abroad. Being situated directly on the coast, architectural design is based on three central masses that enclose a large internal courtyard and a pool at the center.

The central theme has been designed to create dynamic walls that allow exclusion of boundary between the central courtyard and internal spaces along with creation of a lively façade. This allows total closure of portico or different levels of exposure. Central mass is hemmed-in on the side facing the swimming pool by an aluminum display, which measures around seven meters and has no supporting columns. The display is partially divided into six large incessant units that are entrenched in wall niche and are absolutely cloaked.

The boundary between the kitchen and bar extends along its entire length, thus creating an open home with no boundaries. The space where the border between inside and outside becomes indistinct, it creates a new space that seems like a cross between the internal and external space. A partition created from six equal metal sections and adjustable wooden slats create a wonderful ambiance. The zing of the large accordion doors and adjustable wooden slats allows a lot of natural light, thus brightening the space and creating a geometrical display of light against the vertical and horizontal areas.

The unique architectural idea comes to forefront in a concrete fashion and the structure looks like a solid and sealed building that all of a sudden appears to be floating and produces a feeling of delicacy and visibility. The central motives that usually behave as an adjunct to the architect are manifested in this architecture including dependence on fewer shapes, a cutback in materials and restrained colors. The use of grey limestone and black basalt opposite to clear and opaque glass and other reflective materials such as water in a black reflective pool makes this project special. This strengthens the dynamics and tension between the flawless and reserved masses and reveals openness while the walls are opened.

Pitsou Kedem and Tanju Ozelgin

Pitsou Kedem and Tanju Ozelgin are the creative designers who have magnificently designed the Isreal based Herzelia Pituah House. Pitsou Kedem architect established his team studio in the year 2002 and since then has worked on numerous residential and commercial structural designs. In addition to this, he has also won awards for his creative deigning, thus marking a strong impression in the market. The main idea behind planning Herzelia Pituah House was to turn the dreams of the residents into a reality keeping in mind that the structure supports a comfortable and modern lifestyle of the family.

Architect : Pitsou Kedem
Studio : Tanju Özelgin
Photography : Amit Geron

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