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House Hoefman – Small House With An Individual Character

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While navigating through the web, I came across a Dutch designer and one of his constructions, House Hoefman in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. This residential project measuring 580 sqm is a latest one and has just completed in the year 2010. The oomph factor that immediately caught my sight was the simple design yet so rich in quality. What is it actually??? Let’s find out.

Dutch designing firm, Lautenbag Architectuur, fortunately or unfortunately, had to work under strict regulations and the major problem was to create a high quality home considering the usual shape of the building, as per the guidelines. However, there is enough room to give the house an individual character, but still the owner wanted to have something unique for his high quality home. The overall parcel is 18 meter wide and 32 meter deep and is situated with a garden on the south side, which actually is a major attraction for the house.

House Hoefman

The strict regulations of this development site define for a large part, the shape of the building. The organization and technical detailing of this house makes it so special for both the owner and architect. Orientation of the site asks for a living space as large as possible adjacent to the garden in order to produce maximum contact between the living and the garden. For that reason, total rear facade of the house is made out of glass. Sunscreen and terrace connecting the house make a border between inside and outside as small as possible.

Additionally, the glass facade also creates maximum daylight into the living room. In winter this leads to lower energy consumption, thus making this construction energy efficient. So, less artificial light and less heating has been used. Porch has been detailed in a way that sunlight in winters goes beneath and in summers sun stays out. By using the entire width of the site for the house, full depth is left for the garden and it is also sheltered from the street. The construction is 30 cm lifted from the site and at the street side; it is more outstanding, as compared at the back, where terrace looks floating.

A Sneak Peak

As you move through the images, you will see that there is a lot of space inside and the best part is that architect has made sure that every inch of the space is used wisely. Proper lighting is an added advantage for the owner, as Lautenbag has done it perfectly and intelligently used space for dining, open kitchen, fireplace and sitting makes it a rich quality home. Additionally white interiors, huge transparent voids covered with glass and parallel doors along the house also help to create more of space inside. The architect with a thoughtful designing plan has come out with a very stylish home that fulfils the essential regulations, as well.

Architect: Lautenbag Architectuur
Photographs: Diana Lautenbag
Engineer: Bureau 44
Construction Company: Bouwbedrijf Siebenga
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 580 sqm

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