Joc House Exterior 01 by Nico van der Meulen Architects

Joc House – Most Imperial & Finest Residential Architecture Ever

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We come across many instances in life where we get an opportunity to build our dream house, but some or other reasons always come into our way. Sometimes it may be a financial pressure and sometimes we do not have all the provisions. But whatever may be the case, one thing in life, we all want to achieve and that is a dream home. This time, I have something really very special for all you readers and believe me; you will be stunned after having a glance of this finest architectural delight.

On a personal note, I am strictly against spending all those extra bugs that many big shots spend on their home, just for show off. But this structural design has made an unforgettable impression on my mind. Some of you may think that it is more like a hotel or a mansion, but the place is truly phenomenal. Now, without tickling your creative designing buds any more, let us have a closer look at the Joc House in South Africa.

Joc House in Johannesburg, South Africa

Joc House in Johannesburg, South Africa is more like a mansion, rather than just being a dwelling. Every room and every corner exhibits enough of space where residents can enjoy privacy. The entrance is beautifully embellished with a dark metallic frame like structure and a swimming pool that creates a center of attention for the guests. The frame seems more like an outlining for a portrait that encloses the house behind. The perfect lighting sources installed along the boundary and within the fringe brighten up every architectural effort done by the designer.

As you enter, there is a small seating convoyed with a dining space that allows people to enjoy get-together and scrumptious meals in the open environment. Then indoors comprise a huge swimming pool on the right of the living and on the left, there is a dining space accompanied with an open kitchen plan. The beautifully designed interior exhibits a slightly raised pool that blends blue radiance in the aura. The pool can be separated with the living and dining area by the variable glass panels that create a kind of clandestine area for the residents to enjoy a peaceful bath. The glass used along the large voids in the front creates a transparency with the exteriors and the landscape.

The living comprises enough of seating area for entertaining the guests along with a decent fireplace that creates coziness in the environment. The use of blinds along the kitchen wall offers a translucent view of the backyard and also allows partial light to brighten the kitchen space. First floor includes bedrooms with beautifully attached open bathrooms, where the couple can enjoy a lavish bath along with spending some precious moments together. The designing firm, Nico Van Der Meulen Architects is well known for his projects like De Lange, Ferndale, Glass House, Serengeti and lots more, but Joc House is undoubtedly among one of their best architectures.

Architect Nico van der Meulen

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