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Kona Residence – Refined Combination of Comfort & Sophistication

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When it comes to dream home, a precise picture comes into mind with a basic building like structure enclosing a living, dining space, a kitchen, bath and bedrooms. This is it!!! Very few people think of having something that is out of the box and very extraordinary. But if you are one among those who would appreciate to have a bizarre architecture for your home sweet home, then here is something out of the ordinary. This time we have brought to you an architectural design that not only reminds you of a different era, but also sprinkles its stylish contemporary feel in the aura in a different manner.

Kona Residence

Kona residence located in Hawaii is surrounded by vivacious lava rocks and turquoise waters. As you enter this modern incarnation, you can feel the Hawaiian gust in the aura. The wood used in the architectural design contracts and expands with humidity and makes this residence perfect for island living. The main entrance of the house has been amazingly adorned with a latticework plywood parabola that gives an impression of magnified cornucopia shell that has been cut at the base.

The main pavilion encloses a living, master suite and dining space. Apart from this, there are three bedrooms, bathrooms, a guestroom and a screening room that has been specifically structured for the family to enjoy a get together. The living area facing the large windows not only allows natural light to brighten the interiors, but also gives a wonderful view of the exteriors. A large void on the ceiling above the living is draped with an attractive wooden engraving that again brings the Nature inside. The dining space looks marvelous with the wooden flooring and three large light sources suspended from the ceiling.

Open kitchen plan with a spacious seating area opposite to the counter and a huge cavity to the backyard makes the space look livelier and allows people to enjoy their meal. Adjoining the seating is an island to provide more storage space and an additional counter. One of the children’s bedrooms is wisely planned giving enough space for the kid to manage various activities. The source of natural light in the bedroom compliments the bedroom interior and brings in more positivity. The most entertaining section in the home is obviously the pool area that allows residents to enjoy a spectacular view while soaking their body in water.

MLK Studio

MLK Studio is a very popular name that has always stolen the limelight because of its elegant style and innovation that brings life to space. Meg Joannides, principal of MLK Studio has travelled widely around the world to achieve more comprehension regarding her work and this experience has undoubtedly facilitated the designer to create inspired commercial projects and luxurious private residences. Most of her creations reveal a wonderful and refined combination of richness, comfort and sophistication, thus making the space livable and very user friendly. And this is what distinguishes Kona residence from other residential architectures.

Project Title: Kona Residence
Kona, Hawaii

Design Architect: Belzberg Architects
Principal: Hagy Belzberg
Project Manager: Barry Gartin

Project Team:
David Cheung, Carina Bien-Willner, Barry Gartin, Cory Taylor, Andrew Atwood, Chris Arntzen, Brock DeSmit, Dan Rentsch, Lauren Zuzack.

Interiors: MLK Studio

Photography: Benny Chan (Fotoworks), Belzberg Architects.


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