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Mendoza Lane House – First Design to Reinstate Garage with Laneway House

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In the year 2009, Vancouver made an attempt to augment the density in single family regions by permitting the homeowners to reinstate their garage areas with laneway houses. With this new requirement, people initiated the work of constructing laneway houses and Mendoza Lane House was the first one completed. As per this bylaw, 60000 properties became eligible for the infill development. By early 2010, Mendoza house was finished and it satisfied Vancouver’s 2009 bylaw according to which small infill houses were to be added onto existing single family properties all over the city.

Mendoza Lane House

Mendoza Lane House is 710sf, 1br + den incorporating a living, dining, kitchen on the first floor and a balcony. The entire residential plan is located on a standard 33 x 122 inch plot and uses structured insulated panels for making the home energy efficient. These insulated panels are a kind of prefab system that allows people to create buildings which are twice as energy efficient as any typical homes in this Canadian city, Vancouver. Most of the material used in the building has been manufactured locally and the windows use triple glazing.

The interiors have been kept simple, spacious and elegant. The extra space below the staircase has been brought to play in the form of multiple cabinets without hindering the space in the corridor. Most of the interior section includes wooden structures that give a cozy feeling. The open kitchen plan incorporates a lot of space for the residents to enjoy their meals and to entertain their guests, at the same time. The kitchen includes two huge voids on the opposite wall allowing a lot of natural light inside and the space opens up to the balcony, thus offering an easy access. The interior uses a light tone in the interiors in order to give a voluminous impression.


Lanefab is a collaboration of Mat Turner and Bryn Davidson. Mat is a journeyman carpenter and Vancouver’s most experienced SIP panel builder. He has used his ten years of experience in giving this construction a true shape keeping in mind the bylaw. Bryn is M. Arch, B. Mech. Eng. and has done his LEED-AP from Canada Green Bldg Council. He is a renowned designer of green projects in BC, Alaska and Ontario. Apart from this, he is also a sustainability consultant and author specializing in planning for climate change and oil depletion. Mendoza Lane House designed by both these experts is a construction satisfying Vancouver’s 2009 bylaw, which was completed in early 2010.

Architecture : Lanefab Design
Photography : Krista Jahnke

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