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MYP House – Single Family Suburban Residence

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MYP House in Buenos Aires, Argentina is a single family suburban residence located in a corner plot within a traditional Country Club. Constructed on a plot measuring 1100 sq m, an adjacent par three golf course surrounds the plot beautifully, but the site is deprived of green vegetation and neighboring houses. No physical limit flanked by the golf course and northeastern border of the house offers a magnificent view, while neighboring buildings create a large urban spread-out with enough of space between houses. This allows the residents to connect with the natural surroundings and take the advantage of using the maximum area allowed.

Key Ideas for the Project

Most of the houses in this area have a propensity to concentrate on the outer spaces by using lightweight structures joined with the main volume, which is also common in this climate. These factors have been taken as the key ideas for this project. The architect, Estudio BaBO chose to exteriorize the volume rather of concealing it and utilized all of its possibilities. The designer initially exposed every bit of the space and then applied various articulation mechanisms to bring a variation of spatial relations between special factors that were available in the program. The volume was decreased horizontally, thus separating the daily functional areas from private ones.

Then the lower walls were also cut, rotated and translated in order to gain contact with the exteriors on the ground floor, that too, without hampering the privacy. With one of these expressions, an entrance courtyard was created in the direction of western corner. The walls at the border provide protection and privacy from the sun and also extend inwards, thus creating a symbolic walkway. Then, additional articulations shield the exterior areas from the nearby street and also offer room for a wonderful outer kitchen along with a service patio for basement.

Design & Planning

The program for this house is that of any other of its type, it is the treatment of the limits between each space which adds complexity to the final plan. It was established from the first moment the importance to make a separation between day and night activities. The ground floor plan is purely dedicated for daytime activities and is complemented by an open plan in an attempt to hook up the exterior surroundings along with conserving the privacy of the residents. The open staircase separates the living with the dining hall and a piece of furniture placed at the floor level allows one-way visual connection between the two spaces.

Outdoor terrace is beautifully incorporated, as a special unit with similar measurements as of the living area, which has indeed become an important feature of the house and is utilized most frequently. Large retractable glass doors, outward projection of the lower brick walls, visual connection between linear hallway and the living and indirect light makes this contemporary residential plan a perfect house for the residents with a modern lifestyle.

Architects: Estudio BaBO
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project Year: 2008
Project Area: 330 sqm
Photographs: Daniela Mac Aden, Federico Kulekdjian

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