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Olnick Spanu House – Marvelous Architecture in NY

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With the increasing popularity of stylish interior and exterior designs, people are becoming more fervent towards having a perfect architecture and that is why demand for more passionate and dedicated designers is increasing significantly. The reason being that internet is one of the most preferred sources for nearly everyone to stumble upon various architectural designs; we have brought to you an amazing collection of some perfect landscapes turned into dream homes. Are you ready to explore something innovative??? Then let’s have a look….

Olnick Spanu House, Garrison, NY

Olnick Span House in Garrison, New York is a perfect dream home that most of us wish to have. This architecture is built on a landscape where air is clean and calm; after a day of rain and fog, blossoming sunlight reflects the entire backdrop and the stilled mirror of majestic Hudson River reveals beautiful colors of dawn and dusk. The award winning designer, Albert Campo Baeza has designed a faultless plan for Olnick Spanu House that adds to the impressive milieu.

The house measures 122 x 54 x 12 feet in all. Albert has chosen to have a flat roof top, tiled in stone to accompany the sturdy concrete walls, so that the rooftop can be used in different ways. A light roof measuring 100 x 40 x 9 feet has been raised to offer a shield from rain and sun. Ten cylindrical steel pillars have been arranged in the entire plan, as per 20 x 20 foot grid, so as to have a strong foundation and powerful support for the construction. A glass box of 94 x 25 feet has been enclosed under the roof to accentuate the transparency with Mother Nature.

The complete structural design seems like a large table with ten legs. The service spaces and stairs created within the house are the only areas that do not reach the ceiling and the kitchen has been built closer to swimming pool. Bathrooms and bedrooms are housed below the cemented box, while main entrance and the garden are linked with a gallery that is ornamented with Arte Povera and other Italian art pieces. The best part is that the glass covering allows sufficient amount of sunlight inside, thereby brightening up the space and making it look more spacious and airy.

Alberto Campo Baeza

Alberto Campo Baeza, born in 1946 in Valladolid has built very precise architectures like Fene Town Hall in 1980, Center BIT in Mallorca in 1998 and Cathedral’s Square and Offices in Almeria in 2001 to name a few. In addition to this, he has also designed some well known houses like De Blas, Garcia Marcos and Turegano in Madrid and Gaspar in Cadiz. Headquarters of Caja De Granda built in 2001 and Museum for Memory of Andalucia, Granada in 2009 are some of the most representative architectures by Alberto, for which he was also nominated for Saloni award.

Visit the website of Alberto Campo Baeza Architects – here.
Photography by Miguel Quismondo and Javier Callejas

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