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  • turbotenant rental applications

    How to Make Your Property Appealing

    Dec 1, 18 • 4377 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    As a rental property owner, one of the worst things you can have is frequent vacancies. That’s basically a boat with a hole in it. One of the best things you can do to combat this is ensuring that your property is attractive to as many socioeconomic groups...

  • carpenter ants

    Carpenter Ants – Pests That Cause Structural Weakness in Buildings

    Oct 13, 18 • 5637 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    A carpenter ant is not a friendly face you can call to help you create a new piece of furniture; although they do like working with wood. You may be surprised to know that they do not actually eat wood. Instead a carpenter ant will chew wood in order to...

  • damaged window treatment

    Remodeling Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

    Sep 27, 18 • 4535 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    Starting a new remodeling project is always exciting. You have complete freedom over the kind of remodeling you want to do around the house. The process of finding ideas and actually planning the remodeling project is equally as thrilling. However, you...

  • redlink homes - perth

    How to Choose the Right Package for your Future Home

    Dec 21, 16 • 13074 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    The first home is something special for any couple, and many years ago, you would take what you could get, and try to work your way up the property ladder, until you got something nice. Yet modern builders have really made a difference to the term “buying a...

  • billyoh garden shed

    The Shed – Still a Man’s Sanctuary

    Sep 17, 14 • 9793 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    The increase of community ‘men’s sheds’ has, for many, saved a lot of men from life shortening isolation. Derived from Australia, these groups are especially attended by men that have retired and are seeking a sense of purpose after losing their jobs,...

  • Sub-Contractor

    Five Reasons You Might Need to Employ a Sub-Contractor

    Dec 20, 13 • 8870 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    It is amazing just how busy the construction industry is throughout the year; there is always a project to work on, whether it is residential or commercial. New office blocks and skyscrapers are getting built all the time, and the same goes for housing...

  • Marina Sands Bay Casino

    Interesting casino architecture from around the world

    Dec 18, 13 • 11735 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    Playing casino games at JackpotCity and other similar online casino websites, offers an unrivalled combination of great gaming and convenience. However, there are some land-based casinos which feature such distinctive or unusual architecture that they are...

  • charlecote house entrance

    5 Ways to Make Your House Look New

    Jul 19, 13 • 10678 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    Moving into a new property is always a wonderful time but the emotion can wear off pretty quickly. If you see that your new home isn’t as modern looking as you had thought then you might end up feeling let down once you have been there are a while....

  • shape of breeze-8

    Shape of Breeze

    Nov 26, 11 • 10418 Views • ArchitectureNo Comments

    Japan is known for its innovations and beautiful architectures. Most of its towns and cities embrace constructions that are worth mentioning here and shape of breeze is one such architecture. Shape of Breeze has been designed by Studio Green Blue with...

  • sn house by studio guilherme torres-8

    A House That Floats In Air

    Nov 18, 11 • 11132 Views • Architecture1 Comment

    Londrina is one of the most happening places in Brazil. The tourism and night life in this place is as vibrant as its infrastructure and architecture. People from different parts of the world choose this lively city to be their permanent home. If you also...