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Pitch’s House – A Unique Structural Design by Inaqui Carnicero

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Where mansions and villas are just a common name for those who can invest a good amount for their residential plan, this architecture is exerting a pull on numerous homeowners. This time, we have brought to you a unique architectural design that is undoubtedly a spectacular plan, where architect has reflected some of his best shots to make the living comfortable yet contemporary for the residents. The external view ranging from the entrance to the backyard is itself so appealing that designing freaks like me just cannot resist themselves from having a momentary look at the rest of the plan. Let me take you to you an interesting ‘Pitch House’ expedition.

Pitch’s House

Being located in small vicinity on the west boundaries of Madrid, the site encloses a beautiful landscape where the plot distinguishes a great slope oriented to the south accompanied with two granite rocks covered with moss. The entire residential design is planned with a functional aspect in mind, so as to give a more flexible space to the residents to enjoy their privacy. Underground level of the home is wisely used to solve the encounter with the inclined land. The ceiling of the underground level produces a white floor that is made of calcareus stone. The two granite rocks are also cleverly exploited by the designer Inaqui Carnicero along the entrance.

As you enter the house and climb up the stairs, there is a pool on the left that reflects the shadow of the house beautifully as a mirror image. Huge voids covered with glass reflect simplicity of the entire plan and give a slight view of the interiors. Along the pool is a seating area accompanied with a dining space and a beautiful living. The use of glass in the interiors as a way to separate the rooms not only makes the space look roomy, but also enhances transparency with the exteriors.

First floor also exhibits an open plan and complements the overall interior design. Along the staircase to the first floor is a bookshelf that utilizes the space perfectly and allows the residents to enjoy reading in a calm atmosphere. The use of glass allows sunlight to brighten up the space and also creates a cozy environment inside, especially in winters. The space not only makes it comfortable for the residents, but also allows the owner to entertain a lot of guests at a time with a creative approach.

Architect Inaqui Carnicero

The designer Inaqui Carnicero has put in great efforts to shape up the structural design that it could best meet the expectations of the homeowner. Though it took a little time to finish the designing part, but successfully the designer was able to endow his client with a residential plan that they were looking for.

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