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Pod Pavilion – A Gorgeous Landmark

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Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is a beautiful location with several architectural revelations that are truly gorgeous, creative and exclusive. While going through various structural delights in this happening city, I came across a very interesting architecture that is worth mentioning. It not just serves as a landmark because of its unique design, but also reflects the essence of Kuala Lumpur. Well known with the name of Pod Pavilion, this architectural delight has been designed by the famous Italian architect Studio Nicoletti Associati. Pod Pavilion was finished in 2011 and is one of the most eye-catching structures in Kuala Lumpur.

Pod Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

A huge urban development is in progress for the establishment of a new urban centre surrounding the area of Petaling Jaya in west of Kuala Lumpur. Before actually designing Pod Pavilion, the designer wanted to create a landmark for the area and also wanted to host the on-site offices and sale’s showroom in an iconic spectator area. So, developers at Studio Nicoletti Associati planned to construct something that can reflect the spirit and architectural style of their development.

According to the architect, water droplet was his inspiration for designing Pod Pavilion. Keeping this brainwave as the main focus, he thought of creating a dynamic spherical form that could result in a primitive building prototype, but with a modern twist. The soft yet round shape of ‘The Pod’ is created as a series of cryptic sections of variable heights and widths. Slinks of windows bring a lot of natural light into the spaces below.

Taking a closer look of the pavilion, you will find that the internal section has been divided into two zones including one, dedicated to the office and the other to the main showroom. The building actually appears as diagonally sliced into a series of ribbons that wrap up beautifully and over the building it creates a dynamic space within, thus forming a protective shell with different layers. The use of tubular steel members in the structure along with exterior skin fabricated from spectrally reflective aluminum panels make it a tough composition. In addition to this, the exterior skin color changes dynamically depending on the reflection of sun. Finally, a green surrounding and a reflective water pool wraps up around the edges and adds to the Bioclimatic behavior and wellness of the inhabitants.

Studio Nicoletti Associati

Studio Nicoletti Associati is run by Manfredi Nicoletti who graduated at Rome University and finished his Masters in Architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States. Apart from winning several nominations and awards for his brainstorming projects, he also did PhD in urban Design at Rome University, ‘La Sapienza’. He works on the philosophy of conceiving building design that is actually, the result of an organic growth from a specific context. Pod Pavilion is a wonderful architecture by Manfredi that reflects his creative ideas and the true essence of Kuala Lumpur, as well.

Architect : Studio Nicoletti Associati

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