Prahran House Exterior Design - 01 by Nervegna Reed + PH Architects

Prahran House – A Spectacular Collective Effort

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Having a house on a narrow inner city allotment may give an impression of a very confined space, but can you think of such a space designed in a way that it can exhibit your style and taste. Well, if no, then have a look at this architectural design and get to know how small space can be transformed into a dream home.

Prahran House, Melbourne

Prahran house is a magnificently designed dwelling in Melbourne, Australia that is a combined effort of PH Architects and Nervegna Reed. The house sites on a narrow inner city allotment and belongs to an Art Gallery director. The client required the designers to plan a comfortable residential plan including two bedrooms and an extra study, where visiting artists could reside. Along with this, client also wanted to have a private subterranean gallery where he could incorporate some stuff of his personal interest.

With the main entrance on the central point at the ground level, house has been extended to three floors. The use of translucent glass along the front is a fantastic way to enjoy some space for your-self and at the same time, it also allows sunshine to partially radiate the space. The interiors are absolutely simple yet elegant and reveal a contemporary style. The dining area exhibits minimalism and beautifully explains how extra space can be used while designing a big room. A triangular void in the front wall along the dining adds a very stylish approach to the space and gives a slight view of kitchen.

As you enter the kitchen, you will find a neat and flexible plan followed inside that makes it very easy to access all the corners. Additionally, the common void on the wall offers a view of the seating and courtyard from the kitchen, thereby allowing the owner to keep an eye while preparing meals, as well. The basement gallery downstairs is indirectly lit by concrete light shaft which also serves the purpose of a sculpture podium or a seat. Lastly, the bathroom is planned in a way that it gives out a voluminous impression because of the mirrors.

Interior Designer – PH Architects + Nervegna Reed

Established in 2004 By Toby Reed and Anna Nervegna, Nervegna Reed is an award winning firm that focuses on architectural designs, interior planning, urban designs and much more. The two designers have used their professional practice and experience to design a variety of architectural projects. On the other hand, PH architects are a renowned name launched in the year 2000. They have focused their practice on residential and domestic work including some heritage and social housing projects, as well. The main idea of these designers was to blend their creativity and experience in a way that Prahran house could be designed attractively and client should be endowed with all what he was looking for.

Architects : Nervegna Reed + PH Architects
Photos : John Gollings

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