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Redeveloper Apartment – A Dynamic & Contemporary Architectural Delight

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Redesigning of this developer apartment, rejects the model of large homes that actually separate public spaces from the private ones. Most of the urban apartments cannot comfortably create two distinct types of spaces and therefore reasonable “modern, urban living,” in an architectural way implicates dynamic use of poché, a conventional service space of any home including storage, bathrooms, closets, structure and service chases to name a few.

After the existing panels of the unit were detached, the resulting interior did not appear capacious and this was due to a junk of differently shaped, large mechanical units and columns. In addition to this, a wall was also running along the length of the unit that sometimes projected forward to almost three feet. Actually, the space was too small to be used for multiple features and to address each of the many visual hindrances. Solution required a general “clean up” of the disturbed perimeter. So a single, primary design move to encounter all of the columns and mechanical components, organized in a manner that would not reinvent the early state of separate rooms, each too small to properly function.

Perimeter was normalized by an incessant floor-to-ceiling wall of cabinetry, which almost doubled the amount of storage provided in the existing layout. Then an ellipse was used to create inclusions that covered the most egregious central mechanical unit and column. That shape was actually yielding the intended result with the maximum spatial efficiency. And so area left between those two infrastructural items helped to create a closet. Then a differently-proportioned ellipse was employed to cover the remaining column and also for creating a closet for clothes. For maintaining a visually fused interior the same form was used to create the shower. That is why; shower being one of the most private spaces became the focal point of the unit.

Then the two closet ellipses were made of silk stretched to steel frames, while shower was made of curved glass with the same silk over its exterior. But the initial bathroom required a sort of private circulation space between its fixtures and the new layout of shower convalesced that “lost” space by eliminating shower from the bathroom altogether. Without the shower and its associated circulation space, a sink and a toilet were fit into the depth of the long storage wall. Adjoining the entry, a urinal was installed as a solution to provide a drinking bowl for a very large dog with messy drinking habits. Then study housing, shelving, a work station and keyboard of an electric piano fitted to a drawer were similarly folded into the depth of the storage wall.

While the position of the ellipse covering the mechanical unit was prearranged, the second fabric ellipse and shower ellipse were adjusted to inflect the movement throughout the entire apartment with nuanced descriptions of a bedroom, dining area and a living space. On the whole, the apartment was designed in a manner to use every inch of it wisely and to make it look like a combined unit.

Architect : Kariouk Associates / Paul duBellet Kariouk (Principal) with Frederic Carrier
Photographs: Photolux Studio (Christian Lalonde)

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