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Salvado Street Residence – A Residential Design with Minimum Maintenance Needs

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We always aspire of a dream house, that is, huge, livable, trendy, comfortable and meet all our requirements, but for a retired couple, it may not be that easy to maintain such a house. While browsing the web, I came across a wonderful residential structure that is simple yet sophisticated and has been planned in a way that it requires very low maintenance. The idea of the designer was to create a comfortable yet stylish living space for a retired couple and he has actually come up with an incredible architecture. Let us see how the designer has a difference.

Salvado Street Residence, Australia

Salvado Street Residence is a beautiful residence incorporating a low maintenance and compact design, especially planned to meet the specific needs of a retired couple living in Cottesloe, Western Australia. The inspired beach home breaks the suburban context of 1970’s and exhibits minimal lines along with planar forms. The materiality and detailing make it a modernist residential plan. Courtyard typology features a pond surrounded by public and private spaces together enclosed within stonework walls. These masonry walls create a sense of privacy for the residents and also give an impression of retreat for the retired couple while entertaining guests at home.

As you enter the home, you will observe that though the inspiration is modernist, but the design has been kept very simple. The pond incorporated in the exteriors is accompanied with foliage, which brings in freshness to the atmosphere. Adjacent to the pond is the master bedroom embellished with a wooden theme. The open seating plan escorts the dining area and kitchen which indeed gives a voluminous impression and the patio integrating a small garden makes the entire space look gorgeous.  The use of white in the living with a tricolored flooring pattern gives it a very modernistic feel.

A small gallery on the left from the main entrance connects the house with backyard. The use of glass keeps the interiors brightened and also maintains a transparency with the exteriors. The best part is that this house requires little maintenance as the designer while planning ensured that the residential design can suit the needs of the retired couple.

Bates Smart Architects

Australia based Salvado Street Residence has been designed by Bates Smart Architects who strictly follow ‘creative collaboration’. They believe in direct approach to designing and solving problems, thus documenting client strategies and aspirations in a way that the design can meet the specific requirements of the homeowner. They explore both straightforward and out of the blue solutions and make sure that their designs also stick to the latest trends. Designing Salvado Street Residence was a challenging job, but Bates Smart Architects have proved that nothing is impossible for them.

Architect : Bates Smart Architects
Photography : Tyrone Branigan

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