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The Shed – Still a Man’s Sanctuary

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The increase of community ‘men’s sheds’ has, for many, saved a lot of men from life shortening isolation. Derived from Australia, these groups are especially attended by men that have retired and are seeking a sense of purpose after losing their jobs, status and workmates.

These men can often feel isolated away from their communities if their interests don’t lie within sport or the pub and the shed community groups are a great way for them to feel involved and needed.

The groups can come together on a regular basis; help each other with practical tasks providing they have a designated place where tools and works in progress can be stored – a shed. Finding a way of working alongside like-minded individuals isn’t easy, and working with a purpose without imposed demands can be exactly what many men need.

A Man’s Sanctuary

Perhaps it is male instinct for every man to want to own a shed. Since the times when men inhabited caves, or as kids making dens, men have seeked peace away from the outside world.

It was the sole domain of the henpecked husband, a place of sanctuary where he could retreat and become the king of DIY or relax to find some inner peace, happy in the knowledge that he was the ruler of all its contents stored and organised in a manner that only he could find anything.

However, what was once a necessity for any man, the shed is fast becoming an overspill for the double garage that is filled to the brim by two 4x4s and knick-knacks from eBay or car boot sales. With the advancements of technology and the inflation of house prices, sheds are no longer just used for a man’s collection of old football boots or car parts waiting one day to be assembled. Nowadays the ‘outhouse’ or ‘outdoor living area’ like one of the Garden Buildings Direct log cabins has become increasingly popular as the modern man chooses practicality over personality.

Practicality over Personality

A well-kept and designed outdoor building is a personal luxury for any homeowner and is an in demand essential when upgrading to a new house. If you have the space and imagination, an outdoor room can add value to your property and is no longer just a place to store your mower.

Just like the shed, the outdoor room can be whatever you want it to be, useful when designated a specific purpose such as a gym, home office or home cinema.

One Man and His Shed

However, does the increasing popularity of the outdoor room mean the demise of the shed? No, a shed is different. A shed is never just a shed. It’s a place unique to each and every one
of us. A true reflection of a man. An oasis of masculinity. Not anymore will this essential item in any man’s household armoury be taken from us and used as the family’s office space, toy store, bike or pets area. A shed is a man’s sanctuary and let it remain this way.

Will the males of this world be able to fight the unwanted invaders such as children and wives or should we just concede, buy another shed in keeping with trends, let the female paint that one in her chosen colour of the day and retreat to our creosoted bolt hole and once again dream of the past?

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