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Sweet Home – Flowing Lake Residence

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Snohomish in Washington is a beautiful location surrounded by picturesque landscapes and green woody areas. And having a residence enclosed within such emerald green trees is just like a dream come true. Enjoying privacy in such an atmosphere and having a great time with family is just what I want and keeping this aspect in mind, I have brought to you a very gorgeous yet contemporary architectural design based in Snohomish. Exquisiteness of the backdrop was a plus point for the homeowners while they were planning to get their home sweet home designed by the well known David Vandervort Architects.

Flowing Lake Residence, Washington

The plot for Flowing lake residence is small and narrow and broadens radically down a steep slope to the beautiful Flowing Lake in Snohomish County, Washington. The western half is mostly occupied by the giant fir trees, while the eastern half was previously flawed by removal of a fire damaged cabin. The designer was challenged to create a residential space for an active young couple who preserved trees and the remaining native landscape while expanding towards and taking the full advantage of views. Moreover, the idea was to keep it simple so that couple could access the lake, as well.

For this purpose, the architect decided to establish a path to the water beside which a house was then located. So, the path begins at an auto court with its disconnected garage or office, which then moves down past the bedroom wing alongside the giant firs to mid slope, where a glass corridor or entry distorts the line between exterior and interior. The living areas are kept open and cantilever towards the view and the glass façade maximizes both limited quantity of light and openness to the lake. On the upper level is the master bedroom with its roof terrace that drifts amongst the trees.

The lake related sections are embraced by the wood clad wall that provides privacy to the neighbors and also focuses attention to the view. The house bridges over the path and is actually a covered portal, which is followed by a bunkered patio and the lake edge with its restored wetland.

David Vandervort Architects

David Vandervort Architects is a Seattle based medium sized firm that was founded in 1994. Their architecture is purely influenced by the beauty and tradition of the Northwest. They intent to create architectural designs that respect the land, reflect their clientele needs and enhance the modern living of the family members. They not just remodel, but also create fresh architectures and focus their designing on both residential and commercial projects. Since 1994, they have designed restaurants, mixed use buildings, churches and lots more. While designing Flowing Lake residence, their main idea was to create a structure that beautifully satisfies the requirements of the family members.

Architect : David Vandervort Architects

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