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Ubon House – Beautiful Villa In Ubon Ratchathani

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This time I have brought to you a wonderful architectural delight that has been particularly designed to accommodate a modern and personal lifestyle of a young couple. The entire structure has been planned in a way that it allows the couple to create a balance between their work and living. Let’s check it out!!!

Ubon House, Thailand

Ubon house is a beautiful villa in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand that belongs to a young couple owner.  It was actually built around the exciting core idea of the couple, where husband preferred making his working and living in each other’s pocket and for this, he planned to place his working room kind of suspended over the swimming pool so that he can simply dive in the pool directly from his table at whatever time he feels stressed. Moreover, the couple also wanted to build their house outside the city.

Ubonratchathani is a city 600 kilometers east of Bangkok close to the banks of an important Thailand river, Moon River. The site is very close to river and has an impressive green view created by the meandering river along the north side. On the other side of the house is the storehouse for his supermarket chain, which makes life and work so close.

The small working room is the main section of the house that links different rooms of activities. This room resides on the second floor and obtrudes over the 20 meter long swimming pool. The big glass windows create a transparency in the inner atmosphere with the outside nature and bring a lot of green inside, as well. This is the room where they spend most of the time after waking up, coming back from work or before going to bed. The room accommodates a lot of living activities in the modern personal lifestyle including playing games, enjoying coffee, checking emails or even jumping into the pool.

The villa has been designed keeping in mind the modern architectural aspects, but as you have a glance of the home, you will observe that a lot of tropical and social factors have also been taken into consideration. The use of sliding gates and glass doors in ground floor make the space an open room, fully ventilated by winds blowing from south to north. The living space extended outwards to the terrace and the pool makes the entire space, a continuous living area.

Super-Machine Studio

Supermachine studio is a multi design studio based in Bangkok. It was founded by Thai architect, Pitupong Chaowakul in the year 2009. Prior to this, Pitupong founded another studio in 2003 called Thisdesign with five other friends. The projects handled by Supermachine studio are tremendously diverse and their projects include small objects like bottle opener, installations & exhibitions. Some bigger scale projects like shopping malls and large outdoor music festivals are also on their list. This studio has shown a consistent interest in creative processes and design experimentation.

Architect : Supermachine Studio
Photography : Jaroonrat Vithoosuwan & Pirak Anurakyawachon

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