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Modern Technology Can Keep Your Property and Family Safe

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We all love modern technology, don’t we? Who doesn’t own or want to own a smartphone, a tablet or some other fancy gadget these days? However, as well as being great for playing games, taking photos and all sort of other things you might be surprised to see how big a role modern technology can play in keep your home safe from intruders.

Social Media Tripwires

Who ever thought that Twitter could form an integral part of a home security system? You probably use this social media site to send and receive messages but now you can also use it to trap burglars. This works by sending out a tweet whenever a tripwire is triggered. The system will also take a picture of the intruder and post it online. It is a relatively complex project but you can find the instructions on the internet and if you enjoy doing jobs around the house then this could be one of the most useful you try in terms of keeping your property secure.

A Smartphone Security App

Whether you have an Android smartphone or an Apple one you can now use it to protect your home more fully with an app or two on it. There are a good number of different home security apps around and many of them are based around the idea of leaving a webcam running on your PC to act as a sort of CCTV surveillance system while you are out. The fact that you can get an app like this for free means that it is a pretty tempting idea if you already have a webcam and a smartphone to work with it. It isn’t the most sophisticated or comprehensive home security system but it could make you feel a little bit easier about going out. A better type of app for many people would appear to be the likes of the one from ADT. If you already own a burglar alarm with this firm then you can control and monitor it through a free app which is available for both Android and Apple phones.

adt smart security app

The Electronic Door Stop

At first this looks like anything but a high tech piece of home security. It is a wedge which you stick behind a door to stop it from being forced open. However, the modern touch to it comes with the fact that it triggers a loud alarm type sound when the door is forcibly opened. It could work to give you an extra piece of security around the house and it is also something you can more from one place to another whenever you want to.

The Electronic Door Mat

This last item is another which is more high tech than it looks. It appears to be a standard door mat but when it is stepped on gives off a loud noise. In some cases the noise that this device causes could be enough to send the intruder scurrying away. If not, it might be just what you need to alert you and make you call the police for some help. Of course, you will need to make sure that your pets are aware of the technology present in your door mat or they could be in for a nasty surprise.

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