Exterior designing: It’s more about adding mega structures

Exterior designing: It’s more about adding mega structures

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Mega structures in terms of a house or bungalows or row houses, are the structures which reflect the extravagance and elegance of the house. Adding a fountain or a gazebo like structure will add to the charm and magnificence of your bungalow. A green plush lawn, peeved with gravel pathway, will be an added advantage.

When we talk of such mega structures, what comes to most people’s mind is a porch or patio or pool surround. In today’s world, these structures are more likely to be in square, rectangular or round shaped with sleek lines, providing an opportunity for the family to dine together amidst nature. The lawn needs to be paved with plush green neatly trimmed grass, so that it gives a feel like green carpet, lined with flowers.
A gazebo is a freestanding, open sided structure with solid roof and a roof, although some changes can be made into the original form. It can be made up of wood, metals, stone and reinforced stone depending on the weather and space available. The exterior designing of a bungalow has many options; the only thing to take care is to choose a structure according to the background and surrounding.

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    Hi I am a 11 grader in high school and i love the house it looks wonderful one day i want to become an interior decorater or desinger just like you. Keep up the good work.

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    hey this is nice home design boss.

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    very good

  • ashok padhye

    all these designs are wonderful !

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