Ravishing beauties of timber and stone

Ravishing beauties of timber and stone

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The houses being built nowadays are usually made up bricks and cement. However, if you want elegance and grandeur in your house and want it to be different and exceptionally unique, then you should consider a house made out of stones and wood. Its exterior design will have to be carefully planned so that it looks like an elegant Victorian house rather than a wood and stone cottage.

The roof of the house will have to be slated to give it an authentic look. The color of the slates will have to be selected so that it complements the color of walls. The house can be devised to be either a duplex of a single floor house. The windows and doors can be intricately designed using teak or oak, which will be sturdy, rich and have a long life. In fact, the timber used for building should be of top notch quality. Once built, the house will be a perfect specimen of rugged beauty.

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