4 Tuscan Exterior Décor Ideas That Increase Home Value

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Tuscan exterior décor is all about warmer hues and achieving a homely vibe. The theme is also on the rise when it comes to fashionable exterior decors that increase the resale value of a home. This translates into the fact that should you at some point decide to sell your house, the exterior elements used in the theme are going to increase your home’s resale value.

Here are some ideas to get you started on the Tuscan exterior:

Rustic Patio

Redesigning your patio is not only a good option for revamping its look, but also for turning it into a place where you and the peers would like to spend time. You may first want to start off with trying to make it appear a little more rough and edgy by making the brickwork more uneven and rustic. Also, try to turn it into a shade that ranges between a pale yellow and off white. A small water fountain, some wrought iron chairs and coffee table and some wall climbing bushes would seal the Rustic Tuscan look.

Large Wooden Entrance Door

Though the door is only the means to enter the house, it definitely adds to your home’s exterior and makes it attractive to buyers and anyone who passes by. Speaking of which, if you are trying to determine the exact value of your property after the addition of the exterior, may try to acquire info from the Local Records Office. Large wooden doors at the entrance of the house are a Tuscan trend. There are several elaborate designs for you to choose from though it would be best to go with something simple such as square cutouts with glass inserted in. This will add grandeur to your house while not being overwhelming and will make for more of a Tuscan element rather than turning royally Moroccan. (As normally is the case with normal sized wooden doors).

Wooden Detailed Ceiling

The front porch could also use some redecorating. This project may not be as expensive as the Rustic patio idea, but it’s up there in terms of the awe factor. You can start by adding wooden detailing to the ceiling of your porch. It will depend on your preferences, whether you prefer to keep it minimalist and simple or go with more detailing. You can, accordingly, go with a simple design of vertical bars of wood going across the ceiling or a style with perhaps some geometric pattern.


Lighting is a simple means to change the look of your house. For a more Tuscan vibe, yellow lighting is recommended. For lamps and lanterns, lighting fashioned from black wrought iron would be preferable. For instance, in your Rustic patio, perhaps you can include black wrought iron lanterns that are directly drilled into the wall. For the porch, you might want to add a small chandelier that draws eyes to itself as well as to the design above while illumining it at its best. Any kind of alteration to the exterior of your house is not easy to pull off, but it’s definitely worth the bother in terms of the change. The ideas mentioned above will assist you in adding a Tuscan theme to the exterior that leaves anyone who lands at your doorstep awed and fascinated.

What’s your favorite outdoor theme for the year? Feel free to leave comments.

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