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7 Things to Consider When Building a Solar Powered Home

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With the rise in solar power technology, many homeowners are looking to install solar panels into their homes in order to reduce energy costs and benefit the environment. Unfortunately, many people do not know exactly what is required, or not required, when building a solar powered home. There are many different things that should be considered prior to building a solar powered home and people might also want to look into conservatory prices if they want to install a conservatory to increase the value of their home. The following is a list of seven of those considerations that a homeowner should make.

1. Understand the rates of your local utility company.

Most utility companies have a tiered rate system in which the rates rise with the more energy that is used. Once you have gone solar, however, this tiered system no longer applies. This is why you should contact your utility company, let them know that you are going solar, and find out what your rate will be so that you know what to expect on your monthly bills. Furthermore, the higher tier you were being billed at prior to going solar, the more money you will save after the panels have been installed.

2. Understand the maintenance involved.

Once your solar panels have been installed, there is not a whole lot of maintenance needed, but that does not mean that there is none at all. You will need to make certain that the panels are clean, as debris can cause problems for them.

3. Understand your surroundings.

If your home is reliant upon the sun for power, the area surrounding the panels is extremely important. Install the panels in a place where they will receive the most sunlight possible and are away from shade.

4. Understanding the sun where you live.

In different parts of the country, different amounts of solar radiation will reach ground level. This is important to take into consideration before installing solar panels because you need to understand how much power you will receive from them.

5. Coverage area.

This, along with the amount of radiation that reaches ground level and how much power you use, will help you to understand how big of a system is needed for your home. In a place where the sun shines most of the time, you will likely need a smaller system than, say, in Washington state where there is a lot of cloud cover.

6. Expense.

Similar to many of the other topics already discussed, a big part of this is dependent on how much electricity your home uses. Understand the price per watt for installation, and calculate the total expense based upon your current energy usage.

7. The direction the panels face is not as important as most think.

Most people believe that solar panels should always face southwest in order to get the maximum exposure to the sun, but many have found that this is not necessarily the case. It does depend on where you are located, however, so consult an expert about your best options.

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