The perfect home for your family

The perfect home for your family

Jun 13 • Exterior Designs • 4420 Views • 4 Comments on The perfect home for your family

House exteriors are the most important part of your dream house. It is what forms the first appeal, the early romance. The yellow exterior on this design gives it a comfortable feel. The tilting roofs, the big windows, and the pillar standing majestically at the entrance, all will directly go to your senses. It is a conventional but very reliable design.

It incorporates elements of the old world. The garden at the doorsteps is refreshing. Space is probably the biggest problem these days. This house is surrounded by lush greenery and rich flora. The house is a perfect example of tradition and reliability. It stands apart in today’s urban life, which is messy and fast. It holds appeal for all kinds. Therefore, you cannot help but fall into this old world charm, take in the freshness that it offers. This is the ideal home; we all have fantasized about and it completes our idea of fulfilment in life.

4 Responses to The perfect home for your family

  1. Pallabi Dash says:

    One which I hav always dreamt for.

  2. richard akpata says:

    lovely refurbish house is in africa.confuse about the exterior painting any tips pls .do i scan the house to you or not thanks .

  3. peter ogule says:

    i like to have alook at the designs for the above house and see whether it suits my desires

  4. Robert says:

    i would request if you can have house designs suitable for a small area of property (2-storey), but still have some spaces as gardens.

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