Corporate Lawn Care Year Round: Maintenance Tips To Keep You Trim

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As a business owner, you may not find the time each week to mow your own lawn, trim your own hedges, or ensure that your own yard is up to HOA standards, but you better find the time to maintain your corporate lawn. Your business’s outward appearance is just as crucial to its success as your business processes are, as no customer will want to walk into a business whose office is shrouded in weeds, overgrowth, and other unsightly issues. This theory is backed by a study reported in Psychology Today, which explains how our minds take limited data to create a picture that seems clear and accurate, but that in actuality is based on inferences that stem from such things as appearance.

Though the science behind the notion is complex, it does indicate one important thing: appearances matter. For this reason, if you want customers to view your company as a company worth doing business with, you need to give off a good impression. You can start building that impression from the outside-in.

That said, you’re a busy business owner who cannot find time to maintain your own lawn much less your business’s lawn. Fortunately, there are a few corporate lawn care tips you can implement to make the job much easier.

Prep for Spring

Spring sets the tone for the rest of the year. If you want your lawn to stay vibrant, healthy, and easy to maintain year-round, start by neutralizing the soil. If your soil doesn’t have a healthy pH balance of about 6.5 to 7, you will experience problems year round.

Once you’ve tested your soil to ensure that it has the proper pH balance, it’s time to wake it up. You can do this by mowing and trimming it. If your lawn is especially dense, you may need to dethatch, which is easier to do with a power rake.

Finally, use de-weeding chemicals or sprays on your yard before weeds start to grow. This is key for weed prevention and can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Summer and Fall Maintenance

Once your lawn is prepped and growing nicely, the hard work begins. Summer is probably the most difficult time of year for lawn maintenance, as you have to battle bugs, weeds, dry spots, and overgrowth. For best results, keep your grass to about 2″ to 2.5″ in height, and make sure that it gets about an inch of water per watering session. There is a broad range of insecticides on the market, which you can use to effectively battle bugs, and you can reduce dry spots by figuring out what caused them in the first place.

Once fall rolls around, it’s time to remove the dead leaves and let everything go to seed. You should also pick up all the stray sticks, as they could pose a problem next spring.

Take a Breather

Winter may be hard on the mind, but it’s certainly a good time to let the body rest. Take a break from lawn maintenance this season and hit the books—or, you know, just warm up with some hot cocoa and a good movie.

One thing to keep in mind where your corporate lawn is concerned is that help never hurt anyone. If you keep the corporate lawn care to the professionals, you may discover that your lawn has never looked better and that your schedule isn’t so packed after all.

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