House in the lap of Nature

House in the lap of Nature

Jun 11 • Exterior Designs • 2978 Views • 1 Comment on House in the lap of Nature

Every man builds a house while every woman turns a house into a home and it is the combined effort of the family that turns a dwelling into a peaceful abode. This house is set in the lively green background of tall trees and bushes in the lap of nature, while the foreground displays a well-kept lawn and attached garden. The ferns and the vivacious colour of the green grass offset the grey monochrome of the house very well.

This is a single storied house, with a small porch and patio leading to the white front door, the room is in dark grey tiling and keeps to the general colour scheme of the house. The windows are in glass and wood and are all kept in white, along with the porch steps and the eaves of the roof. A red brick walkway leads to the porch of the house from the driveway, which can also double up as a joggers stretch.

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    nice designs really good

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