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DIY Stone Cladding – Should You Go Natural Or Synthetic?

Oct 29 • Exterior Designs • 13788 Views • No Comments on DIY Stone Cladding – Should You Go Natural Or Synthetic?

Everybody understands that if they want to go far in life, they’ll need to work their very hardest. For this reason, those that have worked hard and climbed the ladder in their careers often want a home that reflects their success. For some people, that means buying the largest property they can afford in an area with a low crime rate, but for almost everybody, it means making sure their property looks luxurious, both inside and out.

There are many ways to add a touch of luxury to a property, and stone cladding is one such way that’s becoming increasingly popular. Stone-clad walls in the interior of a property are still rare enough to be considered relatively unique but popular enough to have become incredibly high-value.

For starters, pavers really do look exceptional, and they’re timelessly fashionable to make sure they’ll last for years. They’re also incredibly durable and easy to maintain as long as the product is bought from a reputable company with experience in the industry.

Stone wall cladding from Makata is a good option due to the reasons above. Of course, there are other providers, but those who are considering having stone-clad walls installed might want to start their search with a company that’s already made a name for itself. However, there’s still a big question that needs to be answered with regards to stone-clad walls, and that’s whether to buy natural or synthetic.

What’s the Difference?

The major difference between natural and synthetic stone-clad walls is that the former is manufactured with real stone and the latter with other materials that have been designed to look like the real thing. Nowadays, synthetic walls are hardly indistinguishable from their natural counterparts, but both options still have their own advantages.

Why Synthetic might be the Best Option

Synthetic stone-clad walls are much lighter than natural stone cladding and as such, are usually much easier to install. They’re simply glued on to an existing wall, which doesn’t need to be too strong itself due to the light weight of the synthetic materials.

As a result of being lightweight and easy to install, synthetic stone-clad walls tend to be cheaper than natural stone-clad walls.

Why Natural might be the Best Option

The biggest benefit of choosing natural stone-clad walls is to do with their durability. Most people would agree that the natural option is much stronger than the synthetic one, and that means that paying a little extra for natural could work out to be a wiser investment.

In addition, some people would argue that if you’re going to purchase stone-clad walls, you might as well do it properly by purchasing the real thing.

In conclusion, there are so many benefits of each option that it really comes down to personal choice. As long as people choose the best provider, they’ll certainly be impressed with their home’s new look.

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