Through and through with nature

Through and through with nature

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With the increasing pollution and unavailability of natural reserves near the cities, it has become necessary to build houses with exterior design which sync with nature. The house and the vicinity can be designed to be hold together the beauty of the nature and relax the members of the house.

The front yard or the backyard can be planted with lots of plants and flowers which will brighten up the place. The roof and the pillars around the house should be covered with flowering creepers so that they grow around the house all year long. The windows can have small trough like protruding which can be filled with mud and flowering plants can be grown on them. A small water fountain in the front yard will add a natural flavor to the house. To give the house a more natural aura, the color of the window frames, doorways and roof slates can be in dull shades of green. Thus, with a few non significant changes, the entire house seems to be in sync with nature.

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