Improving Your Home’s Exterior To Make It Attractive To Buyers

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There are many ways to boost the value of your home ready for selling it without having to spend vast amounts of money on it. The most important thing to improve is your home’s exterior- this is the first thing a potential buyer will see, if an excellent impression is not created then they will immediately have negative feelings about your home before they walk in the door, even if you have spent a lot of money on improving the interior it will be too late as they will have already made up their mind.

If the front of your house is painted in a specific colour, then apply another coat of paint in order to revitalise it- if it’s not painted but has exposed brickwork or stonework then carry out any necessary repairs, ensuring a high quality job is done so the new owner won’t have to carry them out again a few months down the line! Any wood on the exterior should also be treated- such as window and door frames, the windows and doors themselves should also be brought up to a high standard.

Keep your windows and any glass in your front door well cleaned; dirty windows do not look good! Make sure that your front door not only looks great, but is highly secure too- if it doesn’t then invest in a new one, this will cost you but a potential buyer will be impressed by a high quality front door, it is attention to detail like this that could make the difference between making or breaking a sale.

Dressing up the front of your house is very important, and the key to that is symmetry- having large plant pots in even numbers surrounding the entrance to create a sense of balance. All other plants in your garden should be well tended to; remove any weeds from flower beds and make sure the grass is cut the day before any viewings. If there are any loose bricks or holes in the path leading to your house be sure to fix these problems- you don’t want any buyers falling and injuring themselves before they’ve even made it to the front door! Also with regards to this if you are carrying out any evening viewings then ensure that the outside of your home is well lit, with a light beside your door as well as installing path lights so that the route from the road to your house is well illuminated in order to prevent any accidents- as well as making sure the potential buyer can see all the improvements you’ve made even if it’s dark!

One last tip, but one that a lot of people manage to forget, if you’re holding a viewing on bin collection day, make sure your bins and recycling boxes are quickly moved out of sight- you don’t want someone’s first impression to be the smell of your bins! By carrying out these simple tasks to improve your home’s exterior, paired with any improvements you make on the inside, you are sure to sell to a lucky buyer in no time!

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