Artistic Modular homes

Artistic Modular homes

Nov 13 • Exterior Designs • 8532 Views • 1 Comment on Artistic Modular homes

The houses with modular and geometrical exterior design are being widely constructed all over the world. This heavy demand is owing to the fact that these houses are very comfortable while also trendy and have an artistic touch to it. The geometry and contemporary designs used are uniquely tasteful and intricate.

Starting from the compound wall to ending at the backyard, every feature is artistic and has been designed to do something specific task. Even the gates are not of conventional designs. The textures and patterns used for decoration of compound and the exterior walls are intriguing in nature making one wonder of the need for the design. This enigmatic structural design is another reason for the ever growing popularity of such houses. The entire concept of such houses is to strike a balance between hand crafting and digitalized construction. The perfect modular has all the above mentioned artistic features.

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  1. Mythri says:

    looks good. am interested in metal roofing and especially a curved look. somewhat like sydney opera house but also then incorporating some basic traditional indian elements like dark wood, bronze / brass figure work etc.

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