A tryst with technology

A tryst with technology

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The exterior design of houses has changed a lot over the period of time. The current style quotient of houses is more prone towards efficiency, style and modernization than towards traditional décor and ambiance. The modern houses make a lot of use of glass and metal as compared to stone and wood. However, it doesn’t mean that they are uncomfortable in anyway.

The main framework of the house is made up of bricks and cement while the walls and doors are made out of Plexiglas. The houses are not symmetrical in nature but are technologically sound and safe. These houses have trendy and modern interiors to suit the external beauty. They can also be fitted with voice control locks and appliances. These smart houses follow the voice command of the owner and perform the task accordingly. These designs are being experimented with and new designs are being developed every day to meet the ever growing demands of these techno savvy homes.

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