Make Your Home Perfection With A Lavish Entrance

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You’ve got a lavish living room, a bedroom fit for an Arabian sultan, a beautiful bathroom and a kitchen that lets you imagine you’re Gordon Ramsay. Your home is almost perfect. Almost. The one thing that’s missing is an eye-catching entrance. Indeed, that little space between your front door and the rest of the house can set the mood when you enter your home, and will give people a poor first impression if it’s looking shabby.

So, what can you do to give your entrance some pizzazz?

Stop that muck from spreading

Isn’t it a hassle when your kids step in muck then drag it around your home like your hardwood flooring was no better than the garden outside? It’s a fate that’s befallen many an unprepared parent. The solution? Invest in a mat that will make it fun for kids to remove the dirt on their feet. With a dirt-trapper mat, available from a few high-quality outlets, all that dirt can be scraped from the soles with ease. And kids love nothing more than getting into a good habit, so let them know where to scrape and why.

Flora to faun at

You probably don’t want a palm tree or a pot plant obscuring your front door, but a few smaller hanging plants or vines around the outside of your doorframe could make it look like a rural escape, even if you’re in the heart of the city. Try to keep these plants in the same style as the rest of your garden to provide some connection between your inner and outer home.

Don’t ignore your door

You’ve got the right mat and plants, but, ugh, your door looks like it’s been kicked in by the police, or worse. Although doors can cost a fair bit, getting one that isn’t chipped and degraded will make your home look more elegant and secure. Failing a new door, simply give your current one a fresh lick of paint to reinvigorate it. It’ll make you and your home feel a lot safer.

Keep it well-balanced

While it’s not exactly a Feng Shui related tip, gaining some equilibrium in your entrance will give you peace of mind from the moment you come through the door. Have a small table where you can place your keys, wallet and other pocket items, and a shoe and coat rack to neatly store your outdoor wear. They might seem like obvious tips, but you’d be amazed at the number of people whose entrance is a mess. Try some of these tips and you needn’t be one of them.

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