Victorian ambiance personified

Victorian ambiance personified

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We have all heard of a common saying that old is gold. Well, it’s true; the vintage exterior design has its own followers and is still quite popular among the masses. These vintage houses are designed to represent the Victorian era and the houses of that period. The use of intricate designs and textures is the most prominent features of these houses.

The houses have a corridor up front which may or may not have swings. Most of the exterior is designed with wood due to the unavailability of proper sized stones. The doors and windows are hand crafted to give it personalized touch which also separates it from the regular factory built models. The colors used on the walls are light shades of color to depict somberness and sense of toned refinement. The interiors of the house have to be synced with the exterior design to authenticate the entire project. Appropriate lighting also plays a major role in projecting the ambiance and elegance.

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