Pool Houses: Home Away From Home

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Not everyone can afford the luxury of a home by the ocean in Southern California. That is why this region of the country appears to be very popular when it comes to homes that have a popular water-themed feature. Due to the warmer climates seen in the southwestern United States, above-ground swimming pools are seen more often than not at most homes. Use Google Maps if you are still in disbelief. Zero in on any neighborhood between San Diego and Los Angeles. Chances are you will see more blue dots than anywhere else. Zero in on the neighborhood and you will see plenty of swimming pools.

Any home can have an above-ground pool, but how do you get the pool to match the character of your house? Do you want to build something extra onto the home where you can change from regular clothes into swimming or bathing suits, so you don’t have to run upstairs and tread water throughout the entire home? If you have the resources, the simple solution is to build a pool house.In case you are not aware what goes into a pool house, think about the home you live in. Now imagine a miniature house, located right by the water, where you can go in and dry off without going too far from the water. Pool houses already custom built can run anywhere from several thousand dollars up to $30,000, depending on how elaborate you want to make the home. Lower-cost homes tend to be pool house kits, which you can build yourself.

Designs For Living

If you have the means and the resources to do it, you could even design your own home. Start with soliciting ideas from friends and family. If they are avid swimmers or like hanging out by a pool, they can tell you what features go best in a home. Maybe you can put chairs inside the house, or furniture. Perhaps a small refrigerator with drinks and little snacks would be appropriate. More importantly, you want to make the home big enough so that several people fit inside of it without any problems. You also want to make it sturdy enough to withstand high winds or other small disasters. Let’s face it, if you’re in an earthquake in California, this might not be the best place to take shelter.

Find Your Equipment

You may have the design skills to build a pool house on paper or computer, but you probably don’t have the construction tools needed to actually work on the home and be confident that it is structurally sound. If you live the southern California suburbs, like Vista, Escondido or any of the other communities, you will be able to find companies that can quote you a reasonable price for an equipment rental in San Diego. These rentals can include concrete, propane, and certified forklift operators. Ideally, you should consult a professional staff about your home improvement plans, especially if you don’t feel confident in your abilities.

Construction Junction

Now you are ready to begin construction on the pool house. Always be sure to stick around during the building process. If they are working off your designs or ideas, you will need to be around so that any questions can be answered immediately. Not all companies are like this. Some builders will meet with you beforehand to rattle off a laundry list of questions. They may want answers beforehand, and if the builders can get these answers then the construction can proceed without a hitch. Since Southern California weather is decent year-round, swimming weather is pretty much 365 days a year. You might be slightly inconvenienced during the construction process, or you may be able to swim at the other end of the pool while the construction happens at the other end.

Have a Housewarming

Once the process is done, bring your friends over for a miniature housewarming. (Tell them to bring bathing suits, by the way. ) Have drinks and snacks. If you have lights surrounding your pool, turn them on and make it a twilight gathering. Maybe you want to do a theme of some sorts. You are at the end of a long process, so this is a good way to celebrate.

Swimming pools in Southern California may be a dime a dozen, but homes with pool houses are slightly harder to find. Depending on how elaborate the pool house is, it can be a source of entertainment for many years to come, or at least a place to dry off after a long day of lingering in the water. A pool house can be a home sweet home… away from home.


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