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The Pros of Owning a Garage Door Remote

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Every homeowner has their own routine, and the family live their lives with a degree of convenience that is a result of the technology we have today. Light sensors eliminate the need for switches, and with a remote unit, we can control most appliances without leaving our chair. While having a remote for the TV might save you getting up every time you want to switch channels, a garage door remote makes coming home a sheer pleasure. For those who have yet to experience this, here are some very good reasons to make the change and automate your garage door.

  • Stay Dry – We have all been there, the heavens have opened and we are approaching the driveway. It is raining so hard that merely stepping out of the car will result in a drenching, and you have to open the garage door, which will take enough time to ensure you look like you went for a midnight swim. This means a complete change of clothes as soon as you get in the house, which isn’t really what you had in mind. A garage remote allows you to activate the door from within the vehicle and once you are safely in the dry, press a button, and the doors will close.
  • Improved Security – Having an automated garage door means it is much harder to force entry, and this is important in an age of rising crime. Modern systems are fitted with high quality locks, and the motorised tracking is enclosed for safety reasons. There is no more fiddling in the dark, looking for the garage key, as the remote can be attached to your car key ring. If you already made the switch to automation, and your doors are not working as they should, there is affordable garage door service in Perth, or anywhere else for that matter.
  • Convenient – Remote controlled garage doors give you a higher level of convenience, and whatever the weather, you can simply drive straight in, and the doors will close behind you. If you have an automated garage door, you will know the importance of regular maintenance, and if you happen to be in Western Australia, there is affordable garage door repair by Fix A Door in Perth, who also install new systems in a range of styles and sizes.
  • Lighting – Modern systems can incorporate an LED light, which automatically illuminates whenever the door is opened, and this is ideal in the evenings, when you would normally have to fumble for the light switch. This could be a potentially dangerous situation, and having a light connected makes things a little safer.
  • Safety – With automated doors, there is no risk of someone getting their fingers trapped, or the door dropping onto a person. The enclosed tracking is smooth, and with no external moving parts, it is a much safer alternative.

The benefits of remotely controlled garage doors are many, and by choosing the right supplier, you will have many years of faithful service.

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