Exterior traditional matching design with greenery

Exterior traditional matching design with greenery

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The house is a place which is constructed mostly once in a lifetime, so a number of factors should be considered while constructing a home. The most irritating problem today is that of pollution, so while constructing the exterior of the house it should be kept in mind. The exterior designing is done in such a way that it creates an eco-friendly environment around the house.

The best design can be done encompassing a lawn where people can feel nature on the feet and relax and enjoy the greenery. Add to the ambience with flowers, ferns and cluster roses, you have a garden par excellence. If there is space available, throw in a few tree saplings. A number of balconies can be attached to each room so everyone living the house can actually feel nature. Few window plants add to the beautiful look of the exterior surroundings making the structure look elegant and homely. The wall of the house could also be covered with creepers that spread over the house creating a really nice feel to the place.

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