Applying Feng Shui in Offices

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Feng Shui principles play a very important role in the life of people and if they start following these principles in offices, as well, nobody can stop them from succeeding. Reflecting upon some of the Feng Shui principles, one of the most common mistakes that people do is they sit with backs toward each other and face towards the wall.

Feng Shui in Offices

The foremost aspect while considering an interior of the office is placing the desk in the right direction and the best location for this purpose is the place obliquely reverse to entrance. The desk should be positioned diagonally opposite to the entrance facing the wall so that the person sitting inside should be able to clearly keep an eye on the door. There are two detrimental forces in the environment namely, geopathic and electromagnetic stress and while placing the desks, people should always check for these forces.

Right Arrangements for Office Desks

Positioning the desk in such a way that the back faces the entrance of the office is an incorrect way, as most of the times people think about those things that might be happening behind their back. For example, if someone is moving behind, or if someone has entered the office without the knowledge of the person sitting inside, then the person will remain conscious all the time.

This causes mind to deviate and hinder the thoughts of creativity. If it is inevitable to put the desk facing the back to door due to space constraints, then a good option is to place a mirror in the front so that people can easily see the mirror and know what is happening behind. The mirrors also reflect bad energy out of the door and help to make the environment inside, comfy.

Home Offices

If people have a home office, then the position of the desk can be adjusted in such a way that they can always see the entrance of the home, thereby making them feel the comfort and harmony in both their personal and professional life. If people tend to face their back towards the entrance, it makes them feel that their first priority is their profession and then comes personal life, which can actually create problems.

If one has multiple desks at office, then they need to make sure that the desks are placed in a way that employees face each other while working, as relation between the staff members directly depends on the way their desks are placed. People should not keep chair in line with the entrance of the office, as it blocks bad energies going out.

Positioning a fountain at the right place can also help in encouraging positive energy flow. Similarly, an aquarium with fast moving fishes and a motor fitted to circulate water can prove to be quite auspicious for the administrators of the organization and other staff members, as well. There are different kinds of Feng Shui paintings that people can opt for and can hang them at apt positions for enhancing the overall performances of the organization. Several people around the world reflect upon these Feng Shui principles in order to achieve success and become a tough competitor.

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