Chronicles of Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which corresponds to wind and water and is followed while planning the design of a building. Feng Shui has few basic principles that one can follow while designing their interiors and exteriors so as to live in a calm environment and to draw positive energy inside. With Feng Shui people can remove all the blocked bad energies from their home and make it a better place to live in.

Chronicles of Feng Shui

Chronicles of Feng Shui dates back to 5000 years, when an emperor noticed a frog in the street with a magical square. In this magical square, the emperor discovered Feng Shui, as he was able to see god within this. Based on this discovery, it is believed that entire space on this earth is being divided in nine magical squares and each square represents different features of life. Those nine features include travel, knowledge, mentor, career, happiness, fortune, fame, family, marriage and children.


Initially, the Chinese art of Feng Shui was applied for finding the appropriate place or site in order to build tombs for Chinese ancestors. Later as Feng Shui started evolving, people began to acquire more knowledge on Feng Shui. They started applying Feng Shui while building palaces, monuments and even government buildings. As the days were passing by, the art of Feng Shui became popular and most part of the cities was built according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Knowing Feng Shui

Feng Shui is all about living in harmony and making use of positive energy to its best. We all know that world’s main source of energy is nature and Feng Shui helps people to use these energies to their best and make full advantage. This Chinese art mainly deals with five elements namely water, fire, metal, wood and earth. These five elements play a very important role in the life of people and every object on this planet are related to these elements, whether directly or indirectly.

There are some principles which need to be followed and the basic rule of Feng Shui says that these five elements have a designated location. All the articles, furniture and other items that people deal with in daily life, actually represent these five elements. So, people need to make sure that they position every single thing in the interior very aptly, keeping in mind the enormity of different directions. This facilitates in circulating the positive energy throughout the space and flush out all the blocked energies which make it difficult for the people to reside in.

In the modern world, Feng Shui has gained a lot of popularity and people have started following these principles strictly so as to create a comfortable environment.  It is believed that Hong Kong is the world’s richest cities and business centers as it follows Feng Shui at all steps. In Hong Kong, over 90% of businessmen construct their buildings as per Feng Shui principles. It is also believed that many other companies which are making huge profits and leading a prosperous living are unknowingly following Feng Shui. This Chinese art is not a magic, but its principles help to channelize the energies of the five elements appropriately in a living space and make good use of these energies so as to flush out bad energies.

No matter, how modern the world is growing; the base of all energies is nature. So, people should learn to live in harmony with nature and should try not to change it as per their comfort, as it can lead to various difficulties. So, know more about the chronicles of Feng Shui and have the benefit of following it.

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