Colors and Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is the art of designing the living place so that people can live in harmony with nature and not just deal with articles, furniture and directions. As this art is concerned to the surroundings, it also epitomizes different colors.  Colors play a very important role in human life and without colors the world seems very dull.

Colors and Feng Shui

Just assume, if the world was without colors, symbol of love, red rose would have been colorless, the clear blue sky would have been pale, the green valleys’ would have been simply dull, drab and uninteresting. Colors have a great significance and Feng Shui can explain this well. Every aspect of Feng Shui principles is focused upon making the human life better and this is the reason that millions of people around the world reflect upon these principles.

Feng Shui brings good luck, fortune, wealth, health and prosperity for the people. It is purely based on the five elements including Earth, Fire, Wood, Water and Metal and there are some designated colors that represent each of these five elements. Human life is directly and indirectly related to these five elements and also to the colors associated with these elements.

Significance of Colors
  • Red Color: Red color represents wealth with regards to Feng Shui, so when red color is used in designated directions and locations, it brings wealth and prosperity. One can hang paintings of Feng Shui including red colors in order to take advantage of the positive vibrations. Similarly, gold and silver also represent wealth and these can also be used at designated places for enhancing wealth and prosperity. North East direction is considered as the wealth corner in homes where Feng Shui paintings can be positions effortlessly. Red also represents joy, strength and motivation in the life, thereby helping people to grow up in life.
  • Orange: Orange is associated with fire and fire represents fame and recognition. So paintings positioned in the south wall of homes with orange colors can prove beneficial to the people and bring in fame and recognition. In addition to this, creativity and ambition is also represented by the color orange.
  • Green or Earth Colors: Green and earthy colors represent earth which corresponds to family and relationships. So having green color in the home or hanging Feng Shui paintings with green color in them can help to bring harmony in the family and relationships. Green is a healing color which also gives a soothing effect and releases all the tension.
  • Blue: Blue color strengthens the communication and understanding power of the people. It also influences peace and tranquility and brings calmness in mind.
  • Yellow: Yellow in Feng Shui is the medical or health color which makes people adaptive, increases their joy, enhances wisdom and makes them flexible. This color brings inspiration and well being in one’s life. Being a Feng Shui health color, it influences positively the human stomach, liver and middle back.

The significance of different colors in the life of people helps them to perform better at various aspects, thereby making their life comfortable.

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