Decorating Interiors with Feng Shui

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Planning to renovate the home? Then a good interior design along with some tips of Feng Shui can be of a great assistance in focusing the positive energy within the home and making the area look more elegant and graceful.

Decorating Interiors with Feng Shui
  • There are certain colors associated with Feng Shui that one can use at home depending upon the necessity, as all the colors represent different aspects of life like red represents good luck and orange signifies fame and recognition.
  • Green is the color of peace, so including green painted walls at home brings in peace. One can use yellow, as well, because it characterizes good luck. However, any color which is very gaudy and unappealing can bring discomfort and may even spoil the look of home.
  • Rooms should not be filled with decorative items just as to make it look beautiful because too much of articles in the room also block the positive energy. Rooms should be spacious and should have just the right furniture so that positive vibrations can flow within the room without any difficulty.
  • People need to make sure that proper light and air circulation is present, as this keeps the room bright and fresh every time.
  • Using natural materials also drives away negative energy and attracts positive energy. ┬áHaving wooden floor and bamboo articles is a great idea to focus positive vibrations. Additionally, using cotton bedspreads and materials made of organic elements are also a good thing to consider.
  • Plants bring in a lot of good energy, as they take carbon dioxide and give out good oxygen which helps in enhancing positive energy. Placing plants in home is a good idea and it also makes the place look more pleasing and attractive.
  • When people wish to purchase a carpet, then they should go in for light colors. These look simple and make the living space look more spacious.
  • At the entrance, people should make a good storage place for foot wears, as this keeps the entrance clean and also attracts positive energy inside the home.
  • Keeping a clean garden with some good flowering plants is a perfect way to enhance positive vibrations around. This helps in channelizing good energy surrounding the home, but while designing people should make sure that the windows of the rooms must face the garden.
  • In the kitchen, people can keep flat area open and clean. The burner stoves must be kept away from the washbasin, as it makes the kitchen look good, spacious and more organized. Furthermore, lighting in kitchen should also be excellent.
  • Having an oval dining table placed in the middle of the dining room adds a great elegance and brings in good energies.
  • Placing good paintings of Feng Shui at appropriate places increases the elegance of the home and helps in circulating good energy along with driving away the negative energy.
  • Placing aquariums, fountains or miniature waterfalls in the home brings in prosperity and elegance.

People just need to take care that they place all these articles at right places according to Feng Shui so that positivity can be focused.

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