Feng Shui and Wealth

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Feng Shui deals with five main elements and when these five elements are combined in a harmonious way in the surrounding, these produce positive energies which bring in health, wealth and prosperity. The five elements in Feng Shui include water, wood, fire, metal and earth. Water is the most significant element which should be considered by the people, especially when they are reflecting upon wealth, as water is the symbol of flow of life and wealth.

Feng Shui also talks about keeping these five elements in their designated place so as to enhance the flow of positive energy produced by the presence of these elements. If these five elements are not positioned correctly, then it can allow the negative vibrations to overpower the surroundings.

Flowing Water and Feng Shui

Flowing water helps to bring in wealth and prosperity, as it is a very powerful source of energy in Feng Shui. It is advised to have flowing water models inside or outside the home, as these create a soothing atmosphere and their sound calm the environment. The peaceful sound makes people feel good and flushes out all the negative energy, there by helping people to work comfortably.

If having pools with fountains in the exteriors is a complicated task for the people, they can simply opt for mini fountains or small waterfalls. These can help people to embellish their homes stylishly along with following some easy guidelines of Feng Shui. In these fountains and waterfalls, there is a constant movement of water which signifies the continuous movement of energy. This continuous flow of energy removes all the negative vibrations and fills in the positive energy. So, constant flow of energy in a designated location can enhance wealth and prosperity along with bringing a great deal of advantage in the life of people.

While positioning the water falls or fountains, people should always make sure that they choose the right place which according to Feng Shui is favorable, as it helps in focusing the positive energy and bring in opulence. Therefore, it is very necessary to make sure that these flowing water options are placed at the apt location and do not cover the direction of other elements.

Feng Shui for Other Rooms

In Feng Shui, it is believed that every room has a wealth corner and a designated direction, that is, south-east which helps to enhance wealth. There are a few tips which can help people in augmenting richness in their home.

  • Clutter, which is no longer used and is found, simply lying in the room, should be cleared off immediately. Clearing useless clutter not only creates more space inside the room, but it also allows more of positive energy to flow inside.
  • Flowing water is a great source of wealth and prosperity, so placing a fountain in the accurate designated place brings in a lot of positive energy. People should not keep mini fountains in bedroom, as it triggers negative energy and brings in lot of worries and sleepless nights.
  • Aquarium is another source of positive energy in Feng Shui. In most cases aquariums are fitted with small pumps that make the water flow. It is believed that in aquariums, there is a mixture of water energy and living energy, which indicates wealth and prosperity, is driven simultaneously.

Wealth and Prosperity are the two aspects that all human beings crave for on this earth. By following some basic guidelines of Feng Shui, people can acquire both wealth and prosperity. So, opt for these guidelines and enjoy the benefits of Feng Shui and Wealth, as they go hand in hand.

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