Living with Feng Shui

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Living with Feng Shui is an ancient art of Chinese culture which started about 5000 years back when a Chinese emperor noticed a magical square in the armor of a frog in a street. He saw god in the armor and thus discovered Feng Shui. The Chinese numerology, astrology, I-ching and Feng Shui are all based on this magical square.

Magical Squares

According to Feng Shui, every space has nine magical squares and each one of them represents different aspects of life. The nine squares correspond to fame, family, fortune, happiness, marriage, children, travel, knowledge, career and mentor.

Five Elements

Every space is associated with elements including earth, water, wood, metal and fire. All these five elements play a very important role in the life of people. Too many articles being placed in the living space can obstruct the flow of energy and can induce a lot of blocked or negative vibrations. People always face difficulties in life from which they want to get rid of and Feng Shui is an alternative that can facilitate people every time while overcoming these difficulties. By following some simple Feng Shui guidelines people can make the energy flow inside their home and the surroundings, as well. This will let the negative energies to wipe off and positive energies to bring in fame, happiness, prosperity and wealth.

Living with Feng Shui

Living with Feng Shui has a great advantage, as people can easily experience the positive change in their life. Here are a few tips that people can be follow in order to make their lives beautiful and prosperous.

  • The living areas should not be filled with a lot of furniture and decorative items and must be kept tidy, as well. Less furniture in the room and more of cleanliness can help to create a lot of space for the positive energy to flow freely without having to tolerate any obstacle. This will help in removing all the negative vibrations and blocked energies.
  • The bedroom should not have any electronic item and should be warm and cozy, as this brings in love in life.
  • Dining table should always be positioned in the east direction so that good intellectual conversations can take place. In addition to this, people should opt for a dining table with oval shape.
  • Opposite to the bedroom door, people can have a mirror, as it reflects all the bad energy out of the room and helps to create a comfortable environment.
  • Toilet and Bathroom doors should be closed all the time and must be kept dry and clean. They should be designed away from the kitchen and there should be no common wall between these two rooms.
  • Hanging crystal near the windows is a good idea, as it reflects the incoming sunlight and induces positive colors thereby bringing in good energy into the home and spreading it all the corners.
  • Feng Shui paintings also help to balance the effect of the five elements inside the home, thus bringing harmony and prosperity in life.
  • People should keep their homes clean and tidy. They should remove all the unwanted clutters from home, create more space and allow the positive energy to flow freely.

Living with Feng Shui is very simple and has a lot of advantages. By simply following the principles of Feng Shui, using Feng Shui articles and placing them in the designated place can bring harmony in the life of people. The five elements earth, wood, water, metal and fire forms a progressive circle that fill the life of people with prosperity, wealth and happiness thereby keeping away all negative energies.

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