diy quick home fix

A Short List of Quick Fixes to Do at Home

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Not every home task requires substantial amounts of time or effort to get accomplished. You can also save money compared to hiring someone to do them.

diy quick home fix

Usually, small tasks are learnable from watching a handful of YouTube videos in your spare time. It may cost you initially to purchase a few durable tools and supplies to use for a variety of quick fixes, but when packed away securely, they’ll last many years before needing to be replaced.

Here is a shortlist of quick fixes to try at home.

Check & Replace the Old Filters

If you haven’t set a calendar reminder or used one of the manufacturer’s mobile apps to notify you, then most likely some filters are past their best usage dates. When they’re connected to appliances, they may have internal systems to alert you, but that depends on how sophisticated the model is.

Check each filter to see if it needs changing. Start with the water filters to verify if they’re still functional and performing their function as they should. A refrigerator may have a filter to check and if you use whole house water, then look at that too. If you have a Kenmore water filter, then these are durable and long-lasting, but regardless, never let a filter run beyond its suggested usage date.

Also, look at other types of filters like dust filters in your AC unit, the heaters and elsewhere.

Look for Bad Screws

If you have a screw that’s working loose and a picture frame that’s at risk of falling down, then the screw has probably lost its thread. Because of that, it’s not holding any grip inside the wall now.

It’s best to remove it and apply a solution like the Mr. Grip with its narrow metal strips which can neatly fit into the enlarged hole. This narrows the gap again and provides some purchase for the new screw to grip onto as it gets inserted to rehang the frame.

Remove Scratches from Wood Surfaces

If you have dogs or cats at home and they love to scratch away at wood surfaces, then after a while, these can accumulate into an eyesore. To prevent your surfaces looking like a disaster when friends or family come round, it’s a good idea to remove the scratch damage where you can.

The Tibet Almond Stick is a useful little product to fix this problem. It works on wood flooring, tiles, windowsills and more. It’s a single size solution that’s quick to apply and it makes scratches gloriously disappear into the background.

Protecting Water Pipes & More

Using a waterproof repair tape solution like FiberFix Repair Wrap is an ideal solution to cover over a small split in a pipe, a gap or to strengthen a joint. This product is way better than duct tape because it’s 100x stronger to hold up to more rough treatment.

The wrap is wetted first and then put into a position to create a durable bond. It’s the next best thing to fix issues in the short-term until a long-term solution can be found. There are lots of inexpensive products that can be utilized to remedy small home problems. It avoids having to spend up for a permanent solution at a time when money might be a bit harder to come by.

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