Changing the interior of your home ?

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Changing the interior of your home can be a very daunting task, but with the help of sites like and of course, this blog you can make the process a great deal easier! I will outline a few simple tips today on how to quickly change the feel of your home without breaking the bank. Whether it is changing the soft furnishing, curtains or lighting, you can customize your home to your favorite styles whenever you feel the need.

First start the with the soft furnishings – Think about cushions, rugs and other soft furnishing to add a great deal of character to the home. A simple black leather sofa can be brightened up no end with a few bright cushions for the summer. Or why not try a throw to make the place feel a bit more cosy if you are in the winter months.

Another great design tip is to try finding new bedding or curtains. So get rid of the old dusty curtains and put up some fresh, brighter styles to make your living space look much more welcoming. A cheap thing to do is also to dye old curtains. If you have a light colored fabric, then perhaps try altering the shade.

Also try adding new lighting to the living space. Adding light helps to add a sense of space to any environment, so this tip is a must! Some stylish lamps are a great way to refresh a tired living space.

Consider up lighters to show of your artwork or a nice large lamp in the corner of the room to add some interest! Something with a light color lamp shade will work the best, distributing a large amount of light around the room.

Good luck with these quick design tips and im sure your home will look great!!

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