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Don’t freeze this winter – try these stylish heating tips

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As the rain lashes down and the wind hurls leaves and muck around outside, there’s always one thing you know can make you comfortable – a home warmer than a tropical island.

Indeed, the winter weather isn’t easing off any time soon and, if your home isn’t up to scratch, you could find icicles hanging from your nose come Christmas time.

But you won’t have to reach too far into your pocket with a few of these top notch heating tips. So blast the radiator on, put your feet up and take a look.

A window wonderland

Those creaking single-glazed windows in your home are the bane of healthy winter living. Unable to adequately trap heat, you could have your radiators on full-blast and still feel like you’re in the deepest Antarctic.

For those long, cold months, invest in double glazing for all your windows to feel the benefit of your heating system. While this could set you back a few grand, the price will be more than matched by how toasty your home will feel.

The only real obstacle to double glazing will occur if you’re living in a listed building. Before installing new windows, check all regulations with your local council. After all, you don’t want legal wrangling accompanying a cold house.

Foiling your plans

You probably associate tinfoil with basting a turkey or blocking your thoughts from mad governmental control (people still aren’t certain why conspiracy theorists do this – surely the government would have found a way around tinfoil hats by now?), but it has one more important function – it could help heat your home.

Place the silvery stuff behind your radiator using glue. The heat that usually escapes into your walls will be reflected back into the room, meaning you can turn those radiators off early and still feel the benefit.

Insulation – on a budget

It might not occur to you, but your shoddy plasterboard’s are increasing your heating bills every day. With heat escaping like some kind of non-corporeal Steve McQueen, you might as well just cover your home in snow if you don’t have adequate insulation.

But it needn’t cost an arm and a leg. Around seven square metres of fibreglass wool will set you back around £20, and installing it in your attic is easy.

As for your walls, certain homes qualify for completely free insulation inside your home, thanks to government legislation. Simply ask any insulation expert if you qualify and you could be living it up come Christmas time – you won ‘t even need a log fire burning.

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